Preventing Ear Infections in Your Cocker Spaniel

For starters, most ear infections in dogs have an underlying allergic basis to them. Secondly, the majority of ear infections in dogs and the primary thing that is actually causing the infection in the ear is yeast, which looks sort of like a black waxy debris.

Finding an Ear Infection

In most cases you will find that for most of our dogs it has been going on for a long period of time so what has happened is that more often than not you have a dog with an underlying allergy, they’ve had recurring bouts of these infected ears, the actual ear canal themselves has swollen up and thickened producing poor airflow making them more prone to reinfection. So there isn’t just like one easy step for treatment.  Here is how to find and diagnose an ear infection.

Treating the Infection

The most important thing you’ll need to start with is finding something that will topically treat the yeast, potentially the bacteria and also breakdown some of that debris so you can get that out of the ear. To start the cleansing process you will need about a cup of green tea mixed with three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This makes the perfect natural formula for breaking down the yeast in your dog’s ear. Once mixed, grab a syringe and draw about 10 mls into it then spray the formula into your dogs ear and begin to slowly massage the ear.

If your dog has red open wounds then you should refrain from using the apple cider vinegar. What you’ll need to do is to put something much more soothing. In such cases what you could do is just omitting the apple cider vinegar ingredient altogether and using the green tea as it is.

Get the Right Medicine

Your next step after this would be to apply an over the counter anti fungal cream known as Clotrimazole Cream on your dog’s ears. This anti fungal cream mentioned herein is usually used for athletes foot and ringworm. This product is pretty inexpensive and costs about ten dollars. It’s easily available meaning you can get it at your local store or pharmacy. This large tube should probably last you a year. It happens to be a lot safer than using the veterinary creams which usually contain a cocktail of ingredients.

You will also need to give your dog something that will deal with the pain of the inflammation. The safest herb you can look to giving your dog is Circuninoids ninety five percent. The advised dog dosage being 100 mgs per 10 lbs of body weight daily.

Stop Your Cocker Spaniel’s Bad Behavior

Who doesn’t love their Cocker Spaniel? She is one of the most popular breeds in the world and mostly a delight to have as a pet.  But sometimes these beloved pets may exhibit socially unacceptable, bad behaviour. It might be endearing at first, but soon it might turn into something of a nuisance and there might be numerous occasions your Cocker’s bad behaviour causes you some mild embarrassment or downright discomfort in the presence of guests.

Nature of the Bad Behaviour

Before you can go about trying to stop your Cocker Spaniel’s bad behaviour, take a moment to observe the nature of her bad behaviour.  You have to consider if it was lack of proper training that has lead the Cocker to develop bad behaviour. Maybe you have adopted her as an adult and she might not have been trained properly. Or as a puppy, the bad behaviour was endearing and you have let it grow on her.

Cockers are notorious at exhibiting attention seeking behaviour too! If you had not done anything to address this in the childhood, it can develop into full blown bad behaviour in adulthood.

Putting Up the Stop Signs

Who Is the Boss? Cocker Spaniels, like every dog out there are pack animals and there is an Alpha in every pack. You have to assert your authority as an Alpha to your Cocker, so she understands that she is bound to obey you and not you, her. This is the starting point of your training to stop your Cocker’s bad behaviour.

Earlier the Better

It is better to start your training as early as you can for every day you postpone, you are letting her believe that her behaviour is normal. Dogs are creatures of habit and the more time you give them to form undesirable habits, the more difficult it will be for you to get rid of them later.

Developing Consistent Habits

It is all about developing desirable habits in your dogs and they easily respond to rules that are unwavering. Your heart shouldn’t waver when you have to deny her a treat when she misbehaves. It’s important for the dog to have consistency in the rules to understand them and abide by them.

Busting the Attention Seeker

Your Cocker Spaniel’s attention seeking behaviour can become downright unsociable as she grows up. You might have to take a few firm steps to know that attention seeking behaviour is not acceptable and do not at any point reward this kind of behaviour.

Give your Cocker a lot of exercise like brisk walking or running or playing some games with her every day. You need to remind her every day of the rules with some basic training for a few minutes.

Do not give in to her demands, and sometimes the best medicine for attention seeking behaviour is to not react to the behaviour at all. Or giving her some alone time. Positive reinforcement of good behaviour can also work.

Pretty Easy to Stop

Just with these few training tips you are fully equipped to stop your Cocker’s bad behaviour. But the more important question is whether you are ready to enforce them and not give in to those puppy dog eyes!